The Rudava is a tribuatry to the morava and especially in the upper part in very good ecological condiditon. On the lower part on the other side this important ecological conitnuum is broken by old river regulation structures. In the course of this project this structures will be removed to improve the poor morphology on a 4 km river stretch.

Additionally specific actions to improve connectivity and migration will be set in place.


Restoration of Rudava River

Restoration of Rudava river is one of the main goals of the interreg project in Slovakia. Restoration will present unique activity, which was never been realized in such extend in Slovakia....


Rudava - Importance of dead wood in rivers

Ecologist doc. RNDr. Tomáš Derka, PhD. from Faculty of Natural Science Comenius University Bratislava, explain on an example of Rudava river the importance of dead wood in rivers. Wood in...