Flagship species as illustration of the transborder corridor

With the aid of flagship species the important role of rivers in the cross border habitat network of the alpine-carpathian river corridor should be visualized. They are underlining the importance of large protected areas and Natura 2000 for a functioning habitat network.

The pilot actions and additional small scale measres will bring improvements for flagship species. Surveys on popultion density and monitoring programmes should visualize the positive impacts on the flagship species population through implementation of pilot actions.

All selected species are of great importance both on the national level (Red List) as well as european level (FFH- & Bird Directive) and should help strengthen habitats and ecosystem for other species.

Ecological measure of the municipality of Fischamend: improvement of the spawning ground of the Common Nase

In the past you could see a unique natural spectacle in the river ‘Fischa’ in the center of the town Fischamend - the spawning of the Common Nase. Every March thousands of fish migrated from...