On the Fischa the pilot actions are concentrated in the lower part of the river.

In the vicinity of Fischamend a migration barrier will be removed. Togehter with the revitalization oft he mouth oft he Fischa into the danube that should lead to an improvement for migrating species.


First renaturation measures at the Danube tributary Fischa completed

Within the frame of the transnational INTERREG-Project “Alpen Karpaten Fluss Korridor” (Alpine Carpathian River Corridor) viadonau revitalized the mouth of the tributary ‘Fischa’ into the...

Ecological measure of the municipality of Fischamend: improvement of the spawning ground of the Common Nase

In the past you could see a unique natural spectacle in the river ‘Fischa’ in the center of the town Fischamend - the spawning of the Common Nase. Every March thousands of fish migrated from...