Ecological measure of the municipality of Fischamend: improvement of the spawning ground of the Common Nase

In the past you could see a unique natural spectacle in the river ‘Fischa’ in the center of the town Fischamend - the spawning of the Common Nase. Every March thousands of fish migrated from the Danube to the Fischa to spawn. Due to negative environmental influences, only around 60 fish were found spawning in 2017.

The municipality of Fischamend has therefore decided to improve the last spawning place in the Fischa in the area of the ‘3 bridges’ by adding suitable river gravel. The measures were carried out by the company ‘Kuch’ at the beginning of March 2019. The planning and construction supervision was carried out by the water and fish ecologist DI Holzer. The first success came just 14 days after completion of the spawning ground. From March 23 to 25, approximately 150 nases were observed at the spawning site. The freshly poured spawning place was immediately accepted by the Common Nase and the spawning could be observed for three days in the most beautiful spring weather. Thanks to our fishing association, which has agreed to preserve and maintain this spawning ground in the following years. The project was implemented by the municipality of Fischamend in cooperation with the Lower Austrian Fishing Association and the Fischamend Fishing Association as part of the EU INTERREG project "Alpine Carpathian River Corridor".